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Are you up for the challenge?
Well, Sherman, that doesn't surprise me at all. Smile Enjoy! Big Grin

Here's what I made for dinner last night ...
[Image: 100_2779.jpg]
Whole wheat crepes stuffed with asparagus, spinach & mushrooms drizzled with a garlic/lemon sauce with fresh tomato

Of course, anyone who knows me personally knows that I've been a vegetarian most of my life. So, every night is a meatless meal for me. But I know that the majority of the folks who read this board are not vegetarian. And I am TRULY not interested in shoving an agenda down anyone's throat - honestly - I just want to pose this question to those, (other than Sherman), who eat meat and enjoy it ... would you consider making a serious, real commitment to going meatless just once a week, for the sake of your health, and the health of the planet? If not, why not? Smile
(10-12-2010 02:27 PM)Arden Wrote: [ -> ]Here's what I made for dinner last night ...
Whole wheat crepes stuffed with asparagus, spinach & mushrooms drizzled with a garlic/lemon sauce with fresh tomato

WOW Arden that looooks AMAZING !!!!! And you put alll my favorite stuff in it...Smile

I'm making tofu & assorted veggies from my garden with garlic peanut sauce 2nite. But now I'm experiencing TOTAL dinnner envy over that beautiful creation you made.Heart Please xcuse me whilst I wipe the drooool off my keyboard, ha !!!! TongueTongueTongue

Are whole wheat crepes hard to make ? Does it require a special pan or whatever ? And what's in the garlic/lemon sauce ? Huh
Hiya, Anjil, dear Smile
your dinner sounds DEEEEEEElish!!! Nothin' better than veg fresh from the garden!! And, oh, I SO love peanut sauce, yum yum!! Do you have a favorite recipe, or do you have a favorite brand you buy pre-made?

Whole Wheat crepes are very simple to make. I don't have any kind of a special crepe pan, but I do have a small, non-stick frying pan, and a silicon spatula. These make the job easy. I have never tried it with either a non-stick pan, or with a regular spatula.

Here's a link to the recipe:
I follow the directions for the blender-style, and I used ww pastry flour (because that's what I had)
And, I don't put any butter in the pan - the non-stick pan works perfectly without it ... Smile
They were very easy to make, and tender and delicious. The only trick is making up the batter ahead of time, because it needs to "rest" in the frig for 1 -4 hours after you blend it.

Here is the recipe for the sauce:
Thank you for the recipe links, Arden !!!!!

I am gonnna try makin' the crepes real sooon. I LOVE what you filled 'em with, just loooks sooooo tasty !!!!! (guess ya could put just about anything in them & on them though ? Dunno cuz never in my life have I ever made crepes. So wish me luck, ha !!!!!)

For the peanut sauce, I couldn't find a recipe that seemed just right so I invented my own and it turned out absolutely fabulous (well though, ya gotta like lotsa garlic n' cilantro to enjoy it ;-)

Thanks again. You are always SO INSPIRING and I just KNEW you could rise to any cooking challenge (diet restrictions or whatever) they might throw your way. ExclamationSmileExclamation
Hiya, Anjil,
I absolutely love both garlic and cilantro, please share your recipe? Big Grin

I was intimidated the first time I made crepes, too, but I promise you, they really are easy, and you will be so proud of yourself! Use a non-stick pan, get it nice and hot, as you would for pancakes. Hold the pan in one hand, and with the the other, pour in about 1/4 cup of batter. Then, quickly turn your wrist to get the batter to evenly cover the bottom of the pan. When you see the edges begin to brown, and the top dry out a little, (about 30 sec.), flip it over w/ the spatula, and cook it on the other side, again about 30 seconds. They cook fast, and ya don't wanna overcook them. Don't worry about cooling them on a special rack, either, pshaw. I just stack 'em on a plate while I'm making 'em.

Yeah, you could put anything at all you wanted in there for a filling, absolutely. You don't need any special recipe for that. You wouldn't want anything really super wet, but other than that ... your favorite combo of cooked veggies, perhaps with a wee bit of cheese? Your favorite combos of cheeses, perhaps with a bit of veggies? Big Grin Your fave sandwich spread or filling Smile ... your dinner leftovers from the night before Smile ...
They are also just delicious for dessert, filled with any kind of chopped fruit and/or chocolate ...
Thanks for saying such nice things Smile I am now 8 weeks into the diet, have lost 13 pounds. Smile
Here is the main recipe that I deviated from:

5 oz. chunky peanut butter
2 tbs. soy sauce
1/3 cup water
3 tbs. sugar
1 tbs. sesame oil
1 1/2 tbs. rice wine vinegar
6 cloves garlic, minced
1/3 cup chopped cilantro, or Chinese parsley
1 tbs. plus 1 tsp. hot chili oil

Beat all the ingredients together in an electric mixer.(Do not use a food processor as it may distort the texture and color of this sauce.) Store in the refrigerator in a covered container. This sauce will keep for weeks.


1/2 cup + peanut butter
3 tbs soy sauce
1/2 cup water (or more to desired consistency)
2 tsp sugar + (note that original called for TBSP's !!!)
2 tbs sesame oil
1 tbs mirin
1 lime, juiced
6-8 medium sized cloves garlic
1 tsp cayenne (or less if ya don't like spicy)

Pulse in food processor, then stir in 2/3 cup finely chopped cilantro.
NOTE: I also stirred in 2 minced green onions but I don't think they were needed because they sorta chunked up the consistency of the formerly smoooth sauce. Maybe if they had been pulsed in during the processing that I wasn't s'posed to do, according to the original recipe ? ;-)

Verdict: This is the best peanut sauce I've tried so far. (Coulda used even more cilantro cuz that reallly made it gooood.) Mixed it in with some brown rice spaghetti, veggies and tofu. There was extra sauce leftover so today for lunch I wilted some spinach and made gooood use of the remainder of that heavenly peanut concoction, ha !!!! Yum. Smile
That sounds swoony. I do like chili oil, so I might stick with that rather than cayenne, but other than that, all your mods sound exactly like what I'd do. Smile Truly. More soy sauce. Smile More sesame oil ( I LOVE sesame oil). Smile I LOVE cilantro - and, yes, I like it spicy Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin And I'm sure that 2 tsp of sugar are plenty! (boy, if you cut waaaaaaay back on your sugar as I have for the last several years, your tastebuds become dis-acclimated to it. Ordinary sweet things, like your average cake or muffins are way over the top waaay too sweet for my taste now) But I DO like just a little bit of sweet in with the hot! Big Grin
I am most definitely going to make this, and soon!!
I can see where the green onions maybe'd be better sprinkled on as a garnish with anything you might put the sauce on. Smile Ummm, I'd sprinkle on some toasted sesame seeds, too, while I was at it. Wink
Yum, both your stir fry and your spinach sound GREAT!
I wanna eat at your house, [Image: smilie-1.gif]
you could put your stir-fried veggies'n'tofu in a whole wheat crepe, drizzle it with your peanut sauce, and then Ooooooooo! Smile
Oh yeah, that peanut sauce crepe sounds tooo goooood !!!! Totally gonna try that when I go on my Arden-inspired Crepe Odyssey, ha !!!!!!

As for the chili oil, I love it (especially on potstickers) but the bottle I recently bought has a funky taste to it and I figured with all the oil already in the sauce, I'd just add the heat from powdered cayenne.

And I agree, a little sugar is not a bad thing @ all. It balances allll those other tastes in the foood. I usually start with about 1/4 of what a recipe calls for and add more if needed. Not afraid to add more; not boycotting sugar. Just that it ruins the moood for me when dinner starts tasting like dessert. Confused

Man, that organic brown rice spaghetti was gooood toooo !!!! Pasta is one of my weaknesses (esp. anjil hair, ha !!!!) and it was very nice to get the whole grain goodness in with my indulgence. Tongue Of course, more veggies, less pasta so's not to get that lethargic feeling...

But why oh why did I forget the toasted sesame seeeds ??? I buy them in bulk and they are right there in my cupboard, arggggh !!!!! Okay, next time... Smile
yup, when I do eat pasta, it's whole grain, and in moderation. It's definitely something I've had to cut back on. but there is a multigrain angel hair pasta at my nearby market that's pretty darn tasty, and it'd be mighty fine with some of that there magically delicious peanut sauce. Smile
(And red peppers. and asparagus. Wink Wink )
(10-13-2010 09:28 PM)Arden Wrote: [ -> ](And red peppers. and asparagus. Wink Wink )

Aren't you glad that you love vegetables ? I feel so fortunate in that regard cuz so many of my friends n' relatives really are not interested in them. In fact, they can barely gag 'em down !!! And to me, veggies are like the lead singer in the band of my dinnner. (yeah I never claimed to be normal, ha !!!!) Tongue

What I forgot to tell ya about that peanut sauce is that it doesn't leave everything it comes in contact with in a sticky glunky heaping gooey coagulated mess that ya can't even separate with your fork (a flaw most peanut sauces share.) This one is thin in a dignified & elegant manner. That's why it truly does kick ass !!!!! Smile
being normal is severely overrated, imho [Image: rolleye0014.gif]

" This one is thin in a dignified & elegant manner." [Image: thumbs-up.gif][Image: bravo.gif][Image: 47831.gif]
Well, it's Monday again ... what are YOU having for dinner tonight?
I have a cauliflower green bean pie with grated yam crust in the oven ...
came out great ...
[Image: 100_2846.jpg]
[Image: 100_2850.jpg]
Another weekend begins, and it's Meatless Monday once again!!
I'm going to make 17 Bean & Barley Soup ... what are YOU having for dinner tonight? Smile

here it is ...
soup'n'salad, yum!
[Image: 100_3074.jpg]
[Image: 100_3077.jpg]
Oh Arden, you are the Low Carb Veggie Ninja !!!!!!

I just knew you would turn all those restrictions into delicious nutritious ART !!!!! Smile

I wanna come to your book-signing when the book gets published. Luckily you won't have to hire a photographer either cuz you got the WHOLE PACKAGE already wrapped up, ha !!!!!!!

What an inspiration you are. Heart

...and now, about those seventeeen beans... ???Huh
(10-25-2010 08:57 PM)Anjil Wrote: [ -> ]...and now, about those seventeeen beans... ???Huh

Well, Arden I'm having a li'l trouble naming seventeeen different beans.

Hmmmm, let's see:

Great Northern
Small White

I think that makes fifteeeen...

So. Which ones am I leaving out ??? Huh
(probably lots, cuz I'm just bean stupid right now, ha !!!!!!!) SmileSmileSmile
you are certainly not stupid, I'd say you're pretty dang smart!
you named several that don't even happen to be in this mix, ha!

well, here's what happened to be in this particular* 17 bean soup mix ...

baby lima beans
black turtle beans
blackeyed peas
dark red kidney beans
garbanzo beans
great northern beans
green lentils
green split peas
large lima beans
light red kidney beans
navy beans
pink beans
pinto beans
red lentils
small red beans
small white beans
yellow split peas
(and barley, which ain't a bean)

* Trader Joe's 17 bean and barley soup mix.

I used a splash of cab sav to deglaze the pan when I made the mirepoix, and added just a dash of liquid smoke to the broth, it had a nice umami thing goin' on. Smile
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